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Media for the people

“We must speak life into the people of our community.”
Joe Pettigrew
Joe Pettigrew

Black Scopes is a grassroots platform founded by Flint native, Joe Pettigrew, a 25 year-old, community activist. After the unexplained homicide of his father, he continues to see great potential in urban life in local cities like Flint, Detroit, and many other neighborhoods in America.  

For far too long, the American mass media has curated misrepresentations of black and brown folks. These racist ideas continue to impact the growth of our communities. Here at Black Scopes, it is our mission to place power back into the hands of the people; through authentic storytelling, creative social, and political agendas. 

*See our “2020 Action Plan” below

Left to right: Founder, Joe Pettigrew, 25 and board members, Terresha Moore, 24 and Eric Leverette, 26 @ Movie Under The Stars at Flint City Hall, 07/12/19
Founder, Joe Pettigrew at the Young Democrats of Michigan Convention with supporters of Black Scopes.
Artistic Vision Enterprise End of Year Celebration 2018 at the Greater Flint Art Council

The 2020 Action plan

  1. Help sustain community safe zones within black and brown communities across America.
  2. Establish mentor/mentee relationships with community members and young adults.
  3. Build key partnerships with other local, state, and national advocacy groups.